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When you order cakes online we deliver the most delectable, appealing, tempting, tasty and fresh cake you will find anywhere! Buying cakes online has never been so easy. Our cakes can be delivered throughout Armenia. Simply order your cake delivery online and we will take care of the rest. You will be the hit of the party! Browse our collection of cakes for any occasion!

Birthday Cakes
Birthday Cakes (76)

Kids' Cakes
Kids' Cakes (68)

Chocolate Cakes
Chocolate Cakes (17)

Thematic Cakes
Thematic Cakes (17)

Cakes for Women
Cakes for Women (32)

Cakes for Men
Cakes for Men (31)

Square Cakes
Square Cakes (21)

Round Cakes
Round Cakes (75)

Heart-shaped Cakes
Heart-shaped Cakes (6)

Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake (5)

Engagement and Wedding Cakes
Engagement and Wedding Cakes (8)

Adult Cakes
Adult Cakes (3)

Cream Cakes
Cream Cakes (44)

Marzipan Cakes
Marzipan Cakes (91)

Express Delivery Cakes in 1-2hours
Express Delivery Cakes in 1-2hours (9)

New Cakes of 2020
New Cakes of 2020 (49)