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Des Fleurs de Lys feed

The Lily has always had an elusive and inimitable appeal as an elegant, seductive and lush with its delicate perfume and rich beauty. Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the England and different kinds are commonly found all across the globe. Lilies come in different shapes, sizes and colors, excellent plants for beds and borders.

The Lilies that will arrive on your doorstep are some of the most beautiful and fragrant Oriental and Asiatic lilies available today. As sophisticated and elegant as our orchids, the luscious purple shades of red, pink and white are simply breathtaking to admire. These elegant flowers are sure to express your feelings for that special recipient!

Trié par:
$ 64 (BE-2803)
Floral Umbrella
$ 72 (BC-1874)
Mixed Flowers Box
$ 85 $ 72
Remise: 15.00% (PC-492)
Teddy & Flowers Arrangement
$ 75 $ 73
Remise: 3.00% (BG-465)
Hot Arrangement
$ 74 (BK-1972)
Fully Pastel
$ 79 (BC-2902)
Charming Day
$ 84 (MR-323)
White Symphony
$ 115 $ 92
Remise: 20.00% (BK-85)
Champaign & Sweets Arrangement
$ 135 $ 114
Remise: 15.00% (BGA-1281)
The Summer Sun Bouquet
$ 115 (BK-2946)
White Spring
$ 134 $ 125
Remise: 7.00% (BK-18)
Elegant Expression
$ 127 (BK-644)

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Passionate Kiss
$ 78 $ 73
Remise: 7.00%
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Colorful Flowers Box
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Remise: 15.00%
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$ 57
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